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The Wordsmith home renovation has changed this family home for good.  This  sees a small 1930’s brick bungalow emerge into a verbally active family environment, with spaces to write and store books.  With one parent working from home and 2 active young boys, it was clear from the beginning that this family wanted to significantly improve the way they spent their days at home.

An interest in writing, reading, slow food and barbeques, provided the key ideas for this Wordsmith home renovation and extension.  The design allowed circulation to transition smoothly between private bedroom and family areas, arriving at the kitchen, the family’s heart.  Raked ceilings provide drama, cross ventilation and eventually, the desired separation of new dining and living spaces: a “not so open plan”.  Spaces are kept flexible; materials robust.  A northern aspect is introduced via highlight windows, with the new spaces achieving abundant natural light and cross ventilation.

All of this was achieved within a budget via a design that was actively managed to reduce costs.



Richard Wong


Coburg, Victoria