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The most daunting part of any project is often the beginning, but with WINDUST as your trusted guide, you’ll relish the adventure and delight in the outcome.  For over 10 years, we have been helping our clients across Melbourne bring their property dreams to life with beautiful, attainable and sustainable architecture.

We have recently distilled our experience into a series of “project starters” that will answer your immediate and pressing project and property questions:

To what extent can I build? How can I add value? How much will it cost? How long will it take?

Each of the following services can be considered a stand alone service, or the first step in the Windust Architecture x Interiors adventure.

Initial Consultation

To initiate the process, we offer a 60-minute informative session. Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience, we'll provide guidance to uncover the potential in your project. Whether your objectives are clear or still taking shape, we'll attentively listen to your desires, aspirations, and lifestyle. After conducting a preliminary evaluation of project possibilities and limitations, you'll leave feeling motivated and creatively inspired. This session can be conducted via Zoom or in-person at the project site.

Pre-purchase Consultation

If you're considering a property purchase and seek insights and recommendations for its potential use, be it renovation, extension, rebuild, or development, our Pre-Purchase Consultation service is tailored to your needs. We'll delve into site regulations, constraints, and opportunities, offering valuable insights to aid your informed decision-making process.

Development Feasibility

For those contemplating property development, our Development Feasibility service provides a comprehensive overview of possibilities. Curious about the development scope and site potential? Interested in understanding the associated risks such as town planning, regulations, and authorities? This service is your project's ideal starting point. We'll analyze your site, align with your objectives, explore multiple options, and present you with an estimated construction cost.

Existing Design Review

If you've already drafted plans but seek a fresh perspective or professional evaluation, our Existing Design Review service is tailored to your needs. We'll assess your plans and provide constructive suggestions for enhancing your design.

Interior Workshop

Does your interior space lack a coherent narrative? Are you seeking assistance with material selections and assembling a harmonious interior composition, including finishes, fixtures, fittings, and equipment? Our Interior Workshop is designed to help you create a cohesive and captivating interior environment.


Attainable Architecture

Would you like to leverage the expertise and value that an architect brings to a project while minimizing initial costs? Our PRIMA Design Service offers a streamlined architectural and interior design solution, capturing the core essence of your project and seamlessly integrating Architecture and Interiors.

The Windust Architecture
X Interiors pathway

Providing you a transformative and custom tailored design to capture your story.
From concept to completion, we will provide a transformative design to meet your wants and needs, and guide you through the traverse of the authorities and construction industry.