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Creating a Future for Your Family and the Environment with Sustainable Architecture

Are you seeking to design a home that prioritises sustainability and longevity? Let WINDUST be your guide for your next sustainable home project. Our clients are increasingly seeking to design, build and renovate homes that reduce their running costs and environmental footprint. Our ethos of sustainability, quality and design-reach have been woven into our architectural practice. We are renowned for delivering stunning sustainable architecture that is better for you, your family, and the environment.

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Harmony Between Home and Nature

Over the years, WINDUST has become synonymous with sustainable architecture for residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne.

From family homes and townhouses to residential blocks, businesses and office suites, our work prioritises renewables and low running costs, low embodied energy, and space saving design that capitalise on your natural surroundings and create a beautiful balance from the outside in.

Our approach starts by considering solar passive design, cross ventilation, thermal massing and a highly insulated building envelope.

And then, drawing on your essence and your property’s surrounding context and natural environment , we develop sustainable architecture that enhances your well-being and inspires your every day.

We work with a wide breadth of clients, consultants, and budgets, making it easier than ever to create the sustainable home or commercial space you have always wanted. Speak to our dedicated sustainable architects today.

Windust are South Melbourne's specialists in sustainable architecture
Design a home with sustainability in mind with the help of a sustainable architect from Windust Architecture

Design with Sustainability in Mind

Sustainable architecture saves money in the long term and provides a healthier lifestyle, while reducing the impact of waste and emissions like those generated by traditional homes.

Did you know that a few simple design moves, including window orientation and good insulation, can save money on lighting and heating costs? With our smart design, you will enjoy natural light and warmth all year round.

By incorporating reusable energy like solar, and utilising high-quality and sustainable materials, our sustainable architecture projects are built to withstand the test of time while creating a luxurious, well-composed space to live, work and play.

Windust Architecture are the leading sustainable architect in Melbourne

Melbourne’s Leading Sustainable Architect

As a leading sustainable architecture firm in Melbourne, we help eco-conscious clients to relish the adventure and delight in the outcome of building, renovating or upgrading their homes and workspaces.

Beginning with the feasibility design service, we take time to understand your goals, assess the project needs and consider all the options. We then proceed with the initial sketch design and any necessary town planning before moving on to a detailed design and building documentation. In the final stage, we undertake contract selection and administration, where we will work with a highly-qualified builder and trades to bring your eco-friendly property to life.

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